Hello World. I'm Ankita.

Technology, Innovation, Impact. Humor on the side.

About Ankita~


She received her MBA from MIT and her B.S. Electrical Engineering from UT-Austin. She loves reading (averaging 1-3 books/week thanks to her Kindle!) and traveling. She’s ridden elephants bareback in Thai jungles, kayaked in the Beagle Channel, volunteered internationally, etc.

During college, she frequently slipped undetected into classes that intrigued her outside her major:  from organizational psychology to philosophy, classic literature to economics (a great perk of attending a large public university with classes of 100+ students — learning without the homework or fuss of grades!) She remains a lifelong learner and is convinced that the American education system is in desperate need of reform..

Ankita is very passionate about gender equality and  STEM education and disruptive innovation. She has previously served in a variety of local and national leadership positions at the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and continues to mentor college students.

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