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Tech Health Turns Fashionable

I’ve previously written about my Fitbit obsession and about the tech and fashion worlds colliding, but imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that Tory Burch was now designing accessories for Fitbit!

Glimpse of the Tory Burch and Fitbit partnership on Fitbit’s website

I had contemplated switching out my Fitbit One (clip-on) for one of Fitbit’s newer models of health trackers (all of which have thus far taken wristband form). But every time I’d look at the Fitbit Flex or Force, I was immediately turned off by its conspicuous and rather ugly exterior…with the the One – at least it could be discretely clipped onto my bra or pocket. But, I’d certainly have no complaints with a health tracker that slipped into some of these beautiful jewelry items from Tory Burch. Actually, for that matter, I wouldn’t complain if my Fitbit One could slip into any visually appealing accessories (regardless of whether or not it had a designer brand attached to it).

I’m overjoyed to see this move by Tory Burch because what it’s essentially doing is taking health/fitness tracking and making it beautiful and something you want to make part of your daily life. A single accessory though it may be, the message it sends is that your health is something you care about and want to wear – everyday.

*Sidenote – With the thousands of manufacturers of smartphone covers and other tech accessories, I can’t help but wonder why Tory Burch is the first one manufacturing alternate encasings for the Fitbit family? Surely with the rising popularity of the device, loads of overseas manufacturers could jump on that opportunity.


What it all means: a new trend and definition of geek [chic]?

Technology, like fashion, used to be something exclusive and far removed from the common-man. Perhaps now that technology has finally begun to transcend social classes and cultural divides (what with the smartphone penetration being what it is, the abundance of social networking sites, and app-ification of everything), it is only time that high-fashion will follow suit and enter a world of simple, reachable beauty.

Clothes have been re-invented over and over again…but the integration with wearable technology, that’s something that’s still relatively new. I’m excited to see where it goes next.



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