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“Happier” in a week

Supposedly, 20- and 30- year olds are “narcissistic praise hounds now taking over the office” (CBS News) and “lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow” (Time Magazine). And yet, others consider these millennials to be the most altruistic generation. Everyone seems to agree that the generation is tech-savvy and also highly tech-dependent. Whether naricissistic or altruistic, I think the more interesting question to ask is – are they any happier?

I found myself asking this a lot while reading about and witnessing several friends (and myself) go through what has come to be known as a “quarter life crisis”. They were doing “everything right” per societal standards, chasing after successes, and yet they found themselves not necessarily any happier — at least not in any lasting way. I began to question whether what I perceive to be “happiness” even exists long-term?

My search for an answer brought me to this gem: a relatively new start-up called “Happier“. Instead of focusing on successes that can render everlasting happiness, the app forces you to look smaller. I can’t speak to the demographics of the app audience, but I love how the app makes “happiness” at your fingertips – and I can see it definitely gaining traction in the go-go digital world we currently live in, and to the millennials especially who grew up with tech around them.

"Happier" moments captured

“Happier” moments captured

Think Instagram meets Twitter meets Facebook, except focused on “collecting happy moments” and sharing them with an online community. The concept is so simple yet wildly effective. Rather than chasing after this mystical time where you will be “happier”, the app forces you to re-evaluate every day and hang on to the things that make you happier. Your “happier moment” could come from little things (an email that made you smile, getting something done that you had been putting off, catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while). Or, it could be a great experience or life-changing moment.

The app is my latest addiction. The ability to be able to document the things that make you happier in the day makes to happier days in general, and a pick-me-up during horrid days. A week of using the app, and I’m finding myself enjoying life more. Highly recommend everyone else look into it to.

The app is free (… I’m not sure how/if the company is planning on making a money on this…but that’s a separate discussion).


One comment on ““Happier” in a week

  1. Zeke Herron
    August 12, 2013

    Love it! Long-term happiness has been an important goal of mine for a long time now. I think this blog/app really hits the nail on the head in that: a big key to long-term happiness stems from the ability to appreciate the “little things” in our day to day lives. Great blog, keep it up!



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