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Head Over Heels: when technology inspires fashion

Designer Louboutin "Lady Peep" Geek heels

Designer Louboutin “Lady Peep” Geek heels

It comes as a pleasant surprise to me to see the recent shift where techie and fashion worlds are colliding. Within the last year: models have donned Google Glass on the runways of NY Fashion week; world-renown shoe designer Christian Louboutin created sky-high heels with a circuit design theme, etc. For decades there has been a distinct yet invisible line between what was “in” vs. “out”, the cheerleaders vs. the chess team, haute couture vs. hardware. But now, that line is blurring.

Fashion evolves with the world that brings it forward.  And, this world is bolstering technology and propelling it forward at rocket speed, inspiring fashion as it does so.  We now live in a world where mobile phones are no longer a luxury but becoming commonplace and a daily necessity for many – regardless of socioeconomic status. The infiltration of Square technology in the hands of cabbies with cashless customers to Girl Scouts for GS cookie sales is making carrying cash obsolete. Tech innovators like Mark Zuckerburg or Steve Jobs are household names and equated to celebrities. Such people and products have made technology “cool” and accessible to the masses.

Perhaps more important than tech-inspired fashion accessories are the societal shifts it brings about and the stereotypes it tears down. In making this leap we are teaching our children (and especially our girls) that they no longer have to pick beauty or brains, that geek is chic. The stereotypical image of a female technologist is slowly changing from nerdy, socially-awkward, habitual fashion faux pas committing (ex: Big Bang Theory’s Amy Farrah Fowler) to celebrated leader in thinking who also happen to strut designer labels (ex: Yahoo CEO and ex-Googler, Marissa Mayer). It is shifts like these that I suspect will help inspire more girls into STEM careers, as they realize that tech professions can be glamorous – if they chose.

Welcome, Technology, to the jock table in the “real-world” cafeteria.


3 comments on “Head Over Heels: when technology inspires fashion

  1. Jason E. Ballmann
    March 12, 2013

    Awesome perspective, Ankita. I think the fashion industry is not as wholly progressive, but it is interesting to see people in the tech industry coming out with headphones that come in various colors and styles now, iPad sleeves with more glamor, etc.. Anyone, just tweeted this article via @jasonballmann.


    • Ankita Kaul
      March 12, 2013

      Thanks, Jason!


  2. carlosavs7
    March 12, 2013

    Reblogged this on carlosavs7.


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