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Splitwise: A Review

I started working with a Brazilian big data aggregator/analytics provider this September as part of a 4-person team of MBAs through MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Lab. We had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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When Opportunity Comes Knocking

As my classmates were getting ready to traverse the globe, dabble in entrepreneurial ventures, prep for recruiting season, or taking short MIT classes intended to broaden your horizon like ice sculpting … Continue reading

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My Mental Metamorphosis @MIT

Seated comfortably and looking out the window on my flight from Boston to San Francisco, I’m trying to relax but my mind keeps wandering back to school. It’s been the … Continue reading

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Tech Health Turns Fashionable

I’ve previously written about my Fitbit obsession and about the tech and fashion worlds colliding, but imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that Tory Burch was now designing accessories … Continue reading

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Business Lessons From Bikram Yoga

Take regular hatha yoga, crank up the heat to 105°F with 40% humidity and you essentially get the basis for Bikram Yoga. While I had never been much of one … Continue reading

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A Healthy Disregard For The Impossible (aka – why 2014 is different)

It was perhaps the greatest lesson I learned in college and one that didn’t come from inside a classroom. As an electrical engineering major I of course learned V=IR, how … Continue reading

April 12, 2014 · 1 Comment

Clinging to Childhood

When I was five, I got my first spiral-bound notebook. It was green and completely ordinary, but I was determined to fill its pages with what I then believed to … Continue reading

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